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Keji is a mysterious yet wise person. She is usually mistaken for mean but is honest when speaking her mind. She’s not afraid to say what she thinks but can be shy at times. She doesn’t swear and isn’t very loud but is able to get her words across to others.
“ Keji is a mean kind of honest
by Shaka moon April 03, 2018
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Often used as the abbreviation for Mount Kejimkujik. But, it really means a krazy wedgie.
"Ugh, my ass still hurts from the keji I got this morning while adjusting my pocket protecter!"
by Howsewife February 11, 2009
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A bitch who plays with your feelings and fucks people's lives over, and will fuck your best friend too
* guy committing suicide * yoo I'm done imma kill myself my life done been fucked up .

People - he must have been dating a Keji
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by Badddsedf February 02, 2017
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