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The best person you’ll ever meet, fun, funny, fast, beautiful, amazing, DARK, and AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL! If you see one, trust me, you will jump for joy as she will make your day. All in all, it’s amazing what she can do in your life.
Jason:*GASPS* Have you seen Keara today?
Logan: I know she’s looking BEAUTIFUL!
by MobbossKing December 09, 2017
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The nicest person you will ever know, she is so beautiful it is shocking, she brightens up your day. If you ever meet this person definitely try to become her friend or more. she is caring and sometimes can get emotional, never stop beeing her friend or other.
Person 1: Man I need a nice girl.
Person 2: man you should ask out keara.
by ArcherRhino June 11, 2017
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Someone who is caring, very willing to do anything for anybody, loved by everyone, strikingly beautiful, loud, fun, outgoing, and has the most wonderful life and and most amazing friends you'd be lucky to be one!!
nice rak beautiful loving AMAZING keara
by Gjkekj February 03, 2010
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A Canadian goddess, eh. The most beautiful girl in all of Saskatchewan. She wanders the wilderness naked and is a friend to all animals. Her lips taste of Molson, and her nipples produce pure maple syrup. When excited, her beaver gushes like Niagara - bring a poncho. She will sex you to death.
Terrence: "You see that beauty over that Philip?"
Philip: "You can't handle her jelly, Terrence! She's a Keara!"
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She’s a REALLY weird girl but she’s fun to be around. She’s at least a little bit pretty even though she won’t admit it. She is really funny but can get really insecure really fast. She has a HUGE heart and if your nice to her she’s nice to you. She loves her family and loves animals. She can get emotional over smalls things but she won’t show it. She hates the words slut, hoe, whore, ho, cunt, and other rude words directed at women. Her parents are great too and chances are youd like them. Keara is just an amazing, smart, talented, BEAUTIFUL, girl. The right guys for her generally have the names Joey, Erin, Dylan, and more. You should really meet a Keara!
Yo I saw Keara today.
Ya it was really fun.
by Daddy daddy bae December 17, 2018
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