Kazumis are known for their unemotional emo edgy attitude.
Kazumis are a species of human that are emo (I think).

Their cuteness can rage from -10 to infinity+1 depending on how good they are!

Most Kazumis are male and have a lifespan of fetus.
Person: Wow! That Kazumi is hella edgy!
by Appleeq August 2, 2018
a crazy, usually japanese spendaholic who loves to flirt with people of the same gender!
1. did you see that kazumi over there? totally creepy...-_-
by leiladi February 10, 2009
A 30 year old teacher from Your Turn To Die who was in a death game.
Person 1: Hey is that Nagito Komaeda?
Person 2: No, it's Kazumi Mishima.
by Queen Rio Ranger February 2, 2021
kazumi mishima, from hit game your turn to die, is so fucking hot, hes so sexy and attractive. the things i would let him do to me drool
kazumi mishima is so hot!
ikr, i'm so in love with kazumi mishima!!
by not grey 🤫🤫 July 5, 2021
A very funny and fruity yttd tiktoker
Person 1:hey did you know that kazumi._mishima is fruity
Person 2:yes
by Shinjismantiddies69 September 7, 2021