A man with an enourmous penis. Knows how to please women sexually. A big fan of the ladies. A love/sex god.
He was so good in bed. It's because he's a Kazi.
by thewhoperson March 19, 2005
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A really pretty athletic girl with blonde hair and brown eyes. A Kazi always very nice to everyone and a really great friend. A Kazi tends to love food and crocs. Anyone would be lucky to have a Kazi in their life
Person 1: wow did you see Kazi today?
Person 2: yeah she’s a sexy dad isn’t she
Person 1: oh yeah That’s because she’s a Kazi.

Person 2: Kazis are pretty cool
by Shaquisa February 28, 2018
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Kazi means "shit" or "toilet"
You can say "im going to the kazi" meaning "im going to the toilet" or, you can say "that is kazi" meaning, that something is shit.... "have you herd that song, its proper kazi" lol
by The Earth Dwella December 21, 2017
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Making a hangout plan, inviting people to the party, but ending up being the only one to attend.
: Hey, did anyone else go to Pabulum this time?
:No, kazi was there all alone.
:OMG, was it a Kazi and Kazi again?

:Yes, it was Kazi and Kazi 2.0
by 11814103 November 16, 2018
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1. To convince someone to do something even if it is not in their best interest
2. To request something repeatedly, be the reason it doesn't happen, and then ask why it isn't happening
"Did you see Oren just got Kazy'd, now he has to work Saturday"
"He kept asking for IT Glue training but never showed up, he clearly Kazy'd me"
by kazylover April 24, 2020
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a sex god. someone who knows how to please women to great levels. women long for his long thing. very intellectual and knowledgable. has a big penis.
Kazi knows how to please me.
Give it to me KAZI. GIVE IT TO ME.
He took me like a Kazi
by sexgod April 14, 2005
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