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Kaydon is a guy that will be youre friend forever. He’s a little weird and sometimes he’s a little crazy but he will always make you laugh and cheer you up. He is also good looking ngl. You might think you’re friend zoning him but he compliments everyone. He also won’t loose a streak on Snapchat. He will take pictures of you eating tho.
Kaydon is weird man.
by Jerry’s mom March 12, 2019
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Kaydon is a girl that is beautiful inside and out, she knows how to carry on deep conversations with people. Kaydon is usually shy around people that she doesn’t like, but she is open and crazy with people she is comfortable with, which isn’t good when it comes to crushes, because she will never tell you how much she actually likes you. She always gets awkward when she is nervous and says some dumb things sometimes, but is actually very smart. She has an amazing personality, loves to care for others, give up her time to help you, and she also can manage to find time for herself. Kaydon is an overall amazing, beautiful girl who you should date immediately before she’s taken. Even though she is hard to get
and to talk to, she is the best girlfriend and always loves to be around you.
I wish that Kaydon was my best friend; when we are talking, I can tell that she actually cares.
by Forever Love December 24, 2018
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kaydon is a typical individual at first sight, but as you get to know him you find he turns gayer by the minute. he has no life, only works out, and plays fortnite (cough cough... GAYYYYY). also he is very annoying and a try hard.
did you see kaydon the other night??
Yeah he was looking at some other guys ass, he's so weird..
by 21sav December 03, 2018
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