american name meaning fighter. Someone who is handsome, light hearted, smart, funny, dedicated, successful, loving, strong. may also be stubborn, verbal, indecisive, forgetful. Not afraid to go for what they believe in.
He survived 9 months inside me, therefore i named him Kayden.
by SwEeTnEsS1913 January 29, 2011
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The most amazing guy ever. You can talk to him forever and you will never get bored. He will make you laugh a lot and when you talk to him you will always have the biggest smile on your face. He is the sweetest person you will ever meet and you better not let him go. He has a crazy ex that might ruin everything for y'all but y'all can still manage to get through it together. He is the best person ever and he will love you forever. He is the cutest guy you will ever meet and he is a dork. He is nice to everyone and he is just all around the most amazingest person you will ever know.
Kayden is so perfectly amazing
by justmeimnobodyspecial March 14, 2019
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Strong, loving, not scared of anyone, loves talking to people, smart, maybe stubborn, forgetful, gets hurt alot but still smiles every day,crying almost every night, not scared to fight, hugs every one, loves everyone she knows
Kayden is awesome.
by Jjil December 4, 2016
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Kayden is the most handsome, muscular, funniest guy you will ever meet. Period.
You: Wow, was that Kayden?
Me: Yes, but he is mine. Back off sister.
by Scarlett_the_Slayer October 22, 2018
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Little fighter super handsome and super strong and smart
by Ndnbcbxbxc August 26, 2017
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Kayden Is Amazing. Kayden Is an amazing person and he is very loving. He will spend as much time with you as possible. He will never let anyone mess with you or he will defend you. He is loving, caring, cute, and amazing. He will never let you down. Please publish this to make people feel better
Kayden is sweet,kind, and always talks to me.
by MyDadIsGettingMilk November 23, 2019
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