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american name meaning fighter. Someone who is handsome, light hearted, smart, funny, dedicated, successful, loving, strong. may also be stubborn, verbal, indecisive, forgetful. Not afraid to go for what they believe in.
He survived 9 months inside me, therefore i named him Kayden.
by SwEeTnEsS1913 January 29, 2011
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When you eat dirt for the first time and leave your family to build a shack in the woods
Bro since I got dirtpilled on Tuesday I have made sooo many worm friends and made them soo many little houses to get married in. Me? Lonely? No you’re the lonely one u lawn owning freak
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by ecogoth December 30, 2020
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The most amazing guy ever. You can talk to him forever and you will never get bored. He will make you laugh a lot and when you talk to him you will always have the biggest smile on your face. He is the sweetest person you will ever meet and you better not let him go. He has a crazy ex that might ruin everything for y'all but y'all can still manage to get through it together. He is the best person ever and he will love you forever. He is the cutest guy you will ever meet and he is a dork. He is nice to everyone and he is just all around the most amazingest person you will ever know.
Kayden is so perfectly amazing
by justmeimnobodyspecial March 13, 2019
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Strong, loving, not scared of anyone, loves talking to people, smart, maybe stubborn, forgetful, gets hurt alot but still smiles every day,crying almost every night, not scared to fight, hugs every one, loves everyone she knows
Kayden is awesome.
by Jjil December 03, 2016
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Kayden is a sweetheart he usually shy and sensitive at first but when u get to know him he’s a jokester!!! He doesn’t like to boast or bragg. His most favorite thing to do is to hang around with his friends!!! If u meet a Kayden then Plez protect his gentle heart.
OMG!! Is that Kayden he’s the most cutest guys in school I need to get his phone number!!!😍
by By Katie Park March 02, 2019
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Kayden is a beautiful girl that doesnt put up with shit from others! She says what she means and means what she says. She is never afraid to throw a few punches if she needs to! She is a great friend and has lots. She is crazy and knows how to have a good time. She always has a boyfriend because the boys are crazy for her. She is smart, kind and very funny. She has the best hair in town and the most gorgeous eyes i have ever seen before!
I dont mess with girls like Kayden.

A girl like Kayden will mess you up!

That girl is as pretty as Kayden.
by Kaylee Tyler May 01, 2011
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Really strong, The girls love him to death, but they are really shy to tell him. The guys are jelious they just want to dis on him because he has a sexy body and they dont. All the guys want to make him not hang around them. He of couse all Kayden ive know have a Big giant humogous Cock. He is really smart and handsome. All the ladies want to grind on him, but hes to shy to say yes or reply. He is a fighter, they are in good shape and girls drool over Kayden. They will always get a six pack. If they look a little skinny or just a little bit of weight he will get a pack. He is bulky. All the guys dissing on the Kayden is jelous and to stupid to admit it and Fags who do cause he is cooler than you.

Guy: This shit aint true
Girl: I bet it is
Guy: i bet he has a small cock
Girl: Kayden come here
Kayden: Ya
Girl: Pull down your pants
Kayden: Why
Girl:To prove you have a big Cock
Kayden: Uhh ok
"Pulls down pants"
P.S.: Girl gets horny and later that day gets fucked by Kaydens Huge cock.
Kayden Hot sexy and huge
by Urban dictornary writer May 06, 2013
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