The milky fluid emitted (projectile explosion) from a woman's urethra after a merciless pounding of the g-spot is ejaculate during an orgasm. Though it may feel like urinating, it's just the sensation the uteris provides; its so right to feel so wrong. Do not confuse the yellow and the white unless that is your thing!

The point of an orgasm is not to hold back, but to relax. Do keep a couple of towels near by because your female friend could have a bit more than you expected and have you swimming in the white waters.
The old school pounding persisted until she climaxed; releasing the white water that poured relentlessly and with great pleasure from her.
by orange_cone January 15, 2008
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When a white girl craves Starbucks
I started to get white water around 8 a.m. and then cried the whole day.
by African white boy November 05, 2014
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created when a person inserts their dick into a pool drain so the pressure gives them a crazy hard on and makes the semen they blow spread all over the pool
"dammit Felix, your brother just made white-water all over the pool we just cleaned"
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The action of a girl pressing her boobs tightly together, while a guy explosively cums on the crack, creating a rapid flow of cum, often looking like white water rapids.
Last night I white water jizzed on ma hoe, she loved it.
by Dr. Schwartz May 19, 2017
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when semen drips down a hairy vagina
bitch shave that pussy or there will be some white water rapids drippin all over my good sheets
by freddi fish July 15, 2008
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When a girl gets a money shot (jizz) from 3 or more guys on each cheek and in her mouth.
Katrina likes to go white-water rafting on the weekends with the Bee-Gees.
by Joe W. October 11, 2004
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When there's a group of white girls in a river all drinking Starbucks.
Sam, you see that White Water over there? Wanna join?
by CarlaTheCarAlarm May 17, 2015
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