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The most beautiful and intelligent girl in the world. Sometimes insecure and shy, but really social and talkative when you get to know her. She cares a lot for her friends and her family, and is really passionate about life. She cares about you, even when you don't care about yourself, and in a relationship, will love you unconditionally. She is funny and has a great sense of humor. She'll laugh at all your bad puns and memes (even the mixtape jokes), and is absolutely brilliant for knowing that pineapple DOES belong on pizza. She knows when you're upset, sad, or feeling depressed, and will do everything she can to cheer you up. She has amazing eyes, a spectacular smile, and a beautiful laugh. She is the best girl a guy could ever ask for!
Peanut: That girl is amazing! I want to spend the rest of my life with her. She's beyond perfect!

Harambe: That's a Kavya for you.
by Harambe1030 June 07, 2017
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An ostrich-like character. Usually describing a female.
Someone that everyone likes and no one has a grudge against.
Exotic and kind of child-like, but is admired for such qualities.

Sharon: She looks so unusual, but she is so nice! Yesterday, she could have gone and talked to her upperclassmen friends, but she ran the mile with me instead!
Christina: I agree, she is such a KAVYA.

Mark: That girl isn't toally hot, but she's hilarious! I think I like her.
Joe: Oh, she sounds like a KAVYA. Go ask her out!

by Magicalstrawberry April 04, 2009
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someone who is admired as a God for her dedication and passion for her extracurriculars. doesn't party much, and somewhat childish, but loved by all.
Joe: Who put together this fantastic project?

Sharon: I don't know, but it's so thorough! I love it! It must have been a KAVYA.
by fanclubpresident May 25, 2011
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A brown sort of person, unusually tall and rather sexy. Is normally found though studying or staying home on a saturday night and whatnot.
"Is Jenny coming to the party tonite?"

"No, she's a kavya, she never goes anywhere"

"yeah, you're right, but I dont know why she doesnt with those gorgeous legs of hers"
by Phishyfood May 31, 2007
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