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Originated in Latvia - The lure of the animal. To be wanted and possessed by someone.
I got the Kavorka, Jerry. I'm dangerous, I'm very Dangerous!
by Commander Cool November 24, 2004
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(Pronounced Kah-vor-kah) The Kavorka is a word which originated from the Latvian Orthodox. It means "the lure of the animal". It is described as a curse, making someone irresistible to anyone of the opposite sex, even attractive to the same sex, as people will be naturally drawn to you. It's a heavy responsibility to have to be imposed with everyone's lusty wants, hence, it's consideration as a curse. People will want to be with you, be like you, be you.

It has been made famous by an episode of the sitcom, Seinfeld. In this episode, called "The Conversion", Kramer discovers he is affected by the Kavorka, he solves this by some religious ceremony, which results in him having a terrible odor, thus, being unattractive to women. This 'breaks' the curse.
"Emaly, I can't believe two guys asked you out in one night!"
"I know, I must have the Kavorka!"
by Charmstar November 10, 2007
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(Pronounced Kuh-Vor-Kuh) Kavorka is a power, a mystical power, which only few possess. It is the animal attraction which causes friends to adore you and women to lust after you. Some say that it is a curse ,A great burden to be in such demand and Kavorka has been known to cause insanity as well as eccentric behavior. Those who possess Kavorka are the pinnacles of style, grace and popularity. Kavorka cannot be learned because it is an aura of sorts, and therefor you either got it or you don't.
That guy has the kavorka, every female even gay men like him.
by virtua cop January 12, 2010
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Supposedly a Latvian word meaning "Lure of the animal."<br>
This is untrue. (Source, my Father a native Latvian)<br>
This made-up term was popularized on an episode of "Seinfeld" called "The Conversion" where the character Kramer converted to the Latvian Orthodox Church.<br>
In real life, approximately two-third of Latvians are Lutheran and about a third Catholic. A small minority are Russian Orthodox or Jewish.<br>
If the Latvian Orthodox Church actually exists in any form it would be a very small minority.
"Kavorka! It's a Latvian word meaning 'Lure of the animal'"
by A.F.L.M. July 10, 2008
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There is no such word as "kavorka" in Latvian. It's something made up by seinfield or it is a slang word in Russian as it sounds much more like it
Latvian #1: "Hey, do you know what kavorka is?"
Latvian #2: "...are you high on crystal meth!?"
by Friiks March 11, 2011
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Means the lure of the animal. A guy that has the Kavorka is a woman magnet. No matter what he does or says women are drawn to him. He has more women at anyone time than he can remember and keep track of.
I got the Kavorka.
by Judge dredd7 May 11, 2011
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from a seinfeld episode called 'the conversion'. original origin unknown.
"Man, the guys are all over me tonight. Must be my kavorka!"
by ? May 02, 2004
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