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So her mom wanted be orginal. well she succeeded admirably.

This only the most fantastic spelling of this name ever created.

Not only is Katlyne the smartest, most beautiful,kind women anyone has ever met she is also a tiger in the sack.

Katlyne may not be the best cook but man oh man can she order off a menu.

Katlyne enjoys fruity drinks, why would you drink anything that doesn't taste delicious .

Katlyne is kind to even the most helpless of animals. Katlyne spends her days nursing animals back to health so they can live out their cute little lives.

Katlyne could end world hunger in the blink of her beautiful brown eye and create world peace with the flip of her long flowing frizzless mane.
Every women wishes they were Katlyne, unfortuntely they can't be.
by blackpockadots February 03, 2010
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