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Katelynne, is a strong girl who is often treated poorly, yet she still has enough strength in her body to pick herself up and keep going, Katelynne will be your best friend or worst enemy, Katelynne also has a nice body and nice face and her sense of humor is hilarious,she has you back though bad times and will be there for you.
by Youngdaggerdick104 May 19, 2018
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A Katelynne is caring, funny, and a all around nice person. Although some people see Katelynne's as sluty and fake. I see Katelynne's as good people and worth respecting and worth getting to know because their priceless. You will find Katelynne's that are mean and down right dirty, but won't you like to get to know them first before you judge them.
Katelynne my best friend

Always there

Awesome outlook on the world
by a nice person November 17, 2016
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Katelynne is normally an athletic person, but she tends to downgrade herself and never accept any complements. She is hardworking but tends to procrastinate a lot, so most people have to actually help her get a move on. She loves the woods and would do anything for adventure.
Who is that girl again?”

“Katelynne, duh
by Blep the turtle June 09, 2018
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Katelynne, she is an amazing, talented, stunning girl who is very popular, everyone loves Katelynne. She may not be the smarter girl in school but she is the hottest in the whole school cluster. She’s the sportiest girl and everyone loves to compete against her. All the boys fancy her and want to stick their fingers in her vagina
Boy 1 -“ woah look at Katelynne, she is fit”
Boy 2- “I want to shag her so bad”
Boy 3- “i know right”
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A slut that has pink or red dyed hair that likes it in the butt. She thinks shes smart but know one else does.
Theirskatelynne in her red hair.
Looks like she did the color with asharpy
No they don't have sharpy's at the dollar store.
She sure looks easy.
She does any thing for a dollar.
by BK GETTING IT November 19, 2013
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A dumb girl that thinks shes a woman and will never become a lady because she lives in a tent in a trailer park. She never has any thing positive to say unless she is offering to do you and then that's not all that nice because for being a dirty slut and sleeping with every thing that moves shes no good in bed and that probably cause shes used to having sex in a dumpster. She is super lazy and wont help herself let alone others that help her. she has skid marks in her under ware of all different types and is just a lazy smelly girl.She would be a very nice girl if she would just shut her mouth and shut her legs but then she wouldn't ever have any money.
Where did katelynne go?
She in the dumpster.
Doing what ?
Freshening up for her next victim
What victim?
One of many that pay her a dollar for a bad time.
by BK GETTING IT November 15, 2013
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