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The current WWE Champion. John Cena's in ring abilty is horrible, and every time he steps into the ring he does the same damn thing. He has been pushed as a Superman, and has a rediculous Win/Loss record. He beats everyone at everything just because Vince thinks he's great. His fans are all either mentally challenged women or children, or homosexual men. Cena Haters (A.K.A Intellectuals) know that every time he defends his title, no matter who it is, he will retain. He has had almost every major character in WWE either tap or lose to him, just because he's Vince's bitch. He is the only wrestler I wish injury or death upon, because he is the reason wrestling is deteriorating.
Cena Fan: OMG YAY JOHN CENA!11!!

Intellectual: Shut up you blastphemous tit, you're just a stupid mark who knows nothing about wrestling.
by SMSmartMark June 22, 2007

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A model who, contrary to popular belief, is hideous. Her eyes span to about each separate temple, and she makes them worse by caking tons of eye makeup on to EMPHASISE the grotesque things. People around the world find her fabulous, but they're obviously blind.
Idiot: Dude, Kate Moss is sooo hot!

Intelectual: Are you KIDDING ME?! I wouldn't fuck her if you PAYED ME.
by SMSmartMark June 22, 2007

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