Easily the most underrated dream pop band of the 21st century. Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally are lyrical geniuses that have managed to stay under the radar for many years, creating an especially tight and niche fanbase. Beach house is an addiction for the soul and is also treated as a form of therapy for many individuals.
"what's ur favorite band?"
"Beach house.""
"hm. what's that?""
by mbvbitch July 3, 2021
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Guy a: Where you headed tonight?

Guy b: I'm of to my Beach House (my lady friends)
by never_wrong0_0 November 12, 2013
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an American band formed in 2004, it consists of one vocalist and one keyboardist, they're one of the best if not the best alternative indie dreamy kinda shoegaze band, they're very underrated they deserve much more fame in my opinion
there hit song: space song
personal favorite: PPP
my roommate: bro could u stop playing this strange music with a distorted female voice whenever ur asleep
me: NO

beach house, here u go urban dictionary I mentioned it plz let me post now....
by Quack fr April 21, 2022
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a phrase coined in Toronto, Ontario used to express one's thought that something is cool, or interesting
by lelo92 June 12, 2010
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To build a Polish Beach House, you'll need 2 giant umbrellas with long shafts, and a few beers (does not have to be Polish Beer).

You set-up the two umbrellas by planting them next to each other when the water gets to be a couple of feet deep. then, swim under your ghetto makeshift island shack with a six-pack of beer, and start chugging.

There. If people at the beach curiously point at you and are, like, "WTF??" Then, and only then, you've got yourself a genuine Polish Beach House. Make sure to snap a photo to send to Polish Beach House Magazine. If you're lucky, you'll make next week's cover.

If you add 2 more umbrellas, it becomes a Polish Beach Duplex. More than 4 total umbrellas makes it a Polish Beach Mansion.
LESTER: I've just chugged 6 beers and can't hold it in any longer and there's not a port-a-potty in sight!! What am I gonna do, Leebo?!

LEEBO: Relax, Lester. We'll set up a Polish Beach House down yonder and you'll be good to go
by BoredAtWork55 July 9, 2012
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