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Someone who has gone way beyond their fifteen minutes of fame into becoming omnipresent in every corner of social media, when they became famous for something that shouldn't be bragged about, i.e., a sex tape, reality show, etc., or is a wannabe who aspires to being such by whoring themselves out (figuratively or literally) to get attention.
It can also be used in connection with movie remakes or sequels that have outlived their original entertainment value.
Jim: "How about going to the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie tonight?"
Jane: "I love Johnny, but that franchise has become too Kartrashianed for my taste! In fact, I understand that 2011 has the most sequels ever released- a total Kartrashian year!"

Sue:"Are you watching the new reality series set in Dallas?"
Anne: "Hell no! Yet another group of Kartrashians looking for some big break!"
by Olivianonymous August 19, 2011
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Noun, Adj., It is a name for a family we are all sick of hearing about. It is a slur on Kardashian and refers to their antics, how they dress, and the fact they are race-traitors, sellouts, and sluts.
I am tired of hearing about the Kartrashians. I can't go to a checkout line without seeing a photo of Kim Kartrashian being a race traitor.
by Purple Gurl November 21, 2014
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