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Coolest guy on earth. Good friend and trustworthy. Very attractive and sexy. The girls chase him.
Person 1: That guy just did something cool!
Person 2: He's such a Karolis!!!
by WeGotEem March 29, 2017
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The term any foreign person who is reckless and shows no concern for others, with the exception of females, whom the person in question will attempt to seduce with total disregard to the opposing sex's opinion on the matter.
skier 1: "Yo check out that guy, he just crashed into some poor girl"
skier 2: "yeah, and now he's trying to help her up and invite her back to the hotel room! This guy's unbelievable!"
skier 1: "jeez, what a karolis."
by ShottySkeetz June 30, 2010
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