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Karolis is a strange lithuanian bloke that really annoys me in class, his gyallie is alba and she's a bit strange too. Karolis has a primarily small physique, about 2'5, don't expect anything good from him

xoxo big c
Who tf likes karolis, isn't he the rejected member of Alvin and the Chipmunks
by Big C The First September 27, 2021
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Absolute unit, could clart your dad in 2 hits, about 6'7 without heels. Could give your cat a boot over a 5ish foot fence
Ege : Oh my god there goes Big C, he must be atleast 8 foot

Theo : I wish I wasn't 5'2..
by Big C The First November 22, 2021
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Best shop in england, had my first shag there
Been to co-op lately? fuck me lucky you
by Big C The First October 13, 2021
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Absolutely hench youtuber hailing from the wonderful city of london, hmu on instagram @manlikecase for his address
made "Making a terrible business" and other fever dreams alike,
Naustis : Shit we have that Ebionic recording today.

Big C : Jesus christ, i love that guy but fuck me his recordings give me a headache
by Big C The First October 13, 2021
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Mad bloke with a third leg, fourth if you count his massive logs, absolute producer of shite,
Big C : Wow what a fuckin legend.

Theo : Heard he has a third leg, would love to be my mum right now.
by Big C The First October 13, 2021
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