The least appreciated member of a famous 1930s Hollywood family. Unlike his brothers; Chico, Harpo, Groucho, Gummo, and Zeppo, Karl did not star in any black and white comedic films. Dissapointed with his own failure to achieve cinimatic immortality. Karl sought consolation through his writing.
"This manifesto is definately the least funny thing ever produced by the Marx brothers. Karl Marx is definately the least talented member of the family."
by spider jerusalem May 29, 2005
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Nineteenth century economic and political philosopher and the author of the Communist Manifesto, with co-author Friedrich Engels; he was the original learjet liberal.
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels met in a cafรฉ in Paris to sip their lattes and blog about communism.
by SatanInASweater July 22, 2008
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Important 19th century economist and philosopher who, like many other academics of his time, believed that God was a character in a fictional novel. Is remembered best for writing The Communist Manifesto along with Freidrich Engels, though Das Kapital(The Capital) gives more thorough coverage of his economic theories and philosophies. He is often ridiculed unjustly by right-leaning economists, but any economist worth his beans is familiar with the work of Karl Marx. The philosopher Jean-Paul Satre used some of Marx's work in creating the philosophy of Existentialism. The word Marxist, derived from his name, is a mild euphimism often used to replace the term dirty athiestic blood-sucking communist scumbag.
: : Hi. I'm Karl. I'm a pretty nice guy who likes daisies. I am probably gay, according to more ignorant conservatives. Evil dictators have a bad habit of erecting my statue - I have that much in common with Jesus. I'm not all that bad at math, and I made up a lala land called communism where everyone could be happy. Too bad it doesn't quite work. Socialism works though. Try it. : :
by Andrew Broz July 15, 2005
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Along with Oscar Wilde, probably one of the greatestpeople to come out of the nineteenth centuary.
Karl Marx gets blamed for a lot of things.
Karl Marx was a communist.
Karl Marx was safe.
by bignose June 18, 2007
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A secluded individual who had few friends if any, shunned by his family, and society, and who died decades before anyone took him seriously.
" Karl Marx was my friend "

" Was he your best friend? "

" No, I was his "

" Wow, how sad "

" Hey! Shutup....although he did grab tight on my leg everytime I told him I had to go. "
by Bill Abnovsky August 23, 2006
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Birth: May 5, 1818 (Trier, Prussia)
Death: March 14, 1883 (London, United Kingdom)

Was a german philosopher, political economist, and revolutionary. The inventor of Communism. And the writer of "the communist manifesto"
He is most memorable for stating that capitalism would be replaced by communism.
Several Nations would end up being run by Karl Marx's Ideas
by YouGotNothingOnMeBitches March 12, 2007
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An ugly bearded man who's political philosophies centred themselves on the idea that the lazy should be able to leach off the hard working.
Karl Marx is the hero of the weak and lazy.
by starky August 04, 2007
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