Gorgeous vixen. Intellgent, classy, wife/motherly type. The type of female that if you find her, you make her yours and keep her forever.
by Iloveyougirl February 5, 2010
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a filipino food composed of beef and vegetables mixed with peanut butter sauce which is good to eat with bagoong.

a slang used to refer to boys/girls who are handsome/beautiful only because of certain body accessories but ugly upon absence of those.
That guy is so kare kare, without his braces, he looks like a chimpanzee.

Girl: Look at that man, he's so cool with that tattoo!
Boy: Don't you see that tattoo is just his bagoong.
by redhuntur October 6, 2009
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karelys she is a wonderful girl she is kind hearted with a big imagination she loves be with friends and is always there for anyone in need she loves every one but sometimes forgets to love herself she is one of the most loving people you could ever meet
by Tomoelove March 23, 2018
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Kareli means ~ that she is beautiful and a very shy person she loves having a good time with her friends but right now shes going threw some trouble and shes sad,mad but she knows everything will be ok and she needs the right person in her life to make her happy like she was back then
1~ that girl named kareli damm... boys she's single and pretty and likes to have a good time (; so why dont u hit her up
by kareli January 26, 2014
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An awesome girl who will always be there for you
Usually mexican
Usually really pretty and smart even though she acts dumb

A little self concious

Not a slut

A great friend and funny and hyperactive
Karely: yess

Me: Are you mexican
Karely: yesss(:
by YoBoImAHo April 8, 2011
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Karelis is a free-spirit. She gives amazing advice about anything, and is always there for you when your sad. She is always loud and crazy, especially when it comes to music. And she can dance. But when it comes to school, she is focused on her education. Karelis gets a lot of attention, and can sometimes be spoiled but is always thankful for what she has. Karelis comes from Karel, which means strong and worthy of god.
Karelis is thankful for what she has, and loves god.
by || Anonymous || November 21, 2018
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