A fucking bitch that only feels anger and will not rest until her wrath is felt across the entire BigLots, Walmart, Target, etc. And hyperventilate when you tell them that they can’t get a refund. If you are really unlucky you may encounter a herd of Karen’s roaming the store. If you see them try your best to avoid them before all hell breaks loose. Sometimes they mate with the male equivalent and reproduce so they can conquer every supermarket in the fucking universe. Their favorite animated characters are yellow pill-shaped things that have one or two eyes.

It’s extremely rare to find a nice, graceful, polite Karen, but when you do find a nice Karen think of it as a gift.

A Karen’s three favorite words are “live” , “love”, and “laugh”.

The reason why everyone probably associate Karen’s with rude, bitchy, and downright angry and annoying people is because most people who act like that are named Karen and a group of them fucked it up for every other Karen including the nice ones.
1. Guy 1: I just had to deal with a rude ass person.

Guy 2: What was their name?

Guy 1: Karen.

2. Guy 1: I just met the nicest person I’ve ever met.

Guy 2: What was their name?

Guy 1: Karen.
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by Every other name is used ;-; December 06, 2020
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Any person who over-reacts when something doesn't go their way.
Karen: I would like to return this.

Store Clerk: Okay, Do you have a receipt?
Karen: No and I shouldn't need one. Where is your manager? Let me speak to him now!
Store Clerk: Oh don't be such a Karen
by jeaoux June 15, 2020
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Can be used as a very or adjective to describe how annoying something/someone is.

Usually the name of a mother with 3 kids who has a short hairstyle and would like to speak to the manager.
Don't be such a Karen
Stop Karen-ing me
by Pseudokaren October 20, 2018
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A pejorative name associated with uptight, middl-class, do-gooder types of white women.

A group of Karens is known as a “ruckus of Karens”.

A Karen gets the wrong end of the stick, believing to be the victim of any given situation due to an overly inflated sense of entitlement. Karens cannot be reasoned with, and often expose themselves to widespread ridicule due to outlandish behaviour, usually leading to the explosion of a trivial issue into something unnecessarily large.
Person parking car
Person: Why not? It’s an open bay with no restrictions.

Person: But I ju....
Karen: SOMEBODY CALL SECURITY! THIS PERSON IS TRYING TO (incompressible screeching; the language of the Nazgul, perhaps?) SECURITY!

Person: Fuck this noise. I’m outta here
by T-moze June 23, 2020
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Do babies named Karen even exist or do they just appear one day with 3 kids and wanna speak to the manager
Cashier: Just having trouble scanning this
Karen: Well I guess it's free today ahaha
Cashier: Lol shut the fuck up Karen
by Qualitymemes November 19, 2017
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karens are rude ass people who just never stop complaining and call the cops for no reason
"omg your standing 50 ft away from me, im a karen, and that is sexual abuse im calling 911"
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by mexicanpikachu October 02, 2020
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Karen is a white 40 year old mom that has anger issues.
by Francesca is hot November 09, 2020
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