A person who is honest and caring. Karen comes from "Katherine"which is Danish for "pure one."
She is a Karen. She is so honest and kindhearted.
by Karenclos September 11, 2019
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1.Someone's first,second,third(and so on..) name.
It is a given name ; a name given at birth.
In english it is derived by the Danish form of the name Katherine which means pure.It is considered a name for girls.
In Armenian, it is a boys name thus make it for both boys and girls.
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2.The Karen people ; people who come from a place named Karen thus making them a Karen.They reside in Thailand and Burma.They are approximately 7,400,000 million combined.
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3.The Karen language spoken by the Karen people.
An exemple of the language here :
1. "Hello, my name is Karen.Nice to meet you."

2.The Karen people reside not only in Thailand but also in Burma.

Jen : Pat, have you ever heard the Karen language?
Pat : It is actually my native language.
by BarelyBreathing January 31, 2009
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A most amazing girl. Beautiful, sexy, charming, mysterious, sweet and funny. A girl that all of the boys want and all of the girls admire. Extraordinary.
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A girl who is totally gorgeous but is also crazy, so half the time she's an adorable joker who will make you laugh and smile. While the other half a sado-masochist who will drive you insane and make you want to slam your head into a wall...and punch babies.
Dude1: Man that girl is hot but she's so bi-polar!
Dude2: Yea man, she's such a Karen!
by thatoneguysfriend December 31, 2010
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Karen is a genuine and caring person. She puts others before herself and takes good care of the ones she loves. Her children love her and admire her not only because she's an amazing mother but because she's an amazing person. She doesn't always realise it but her generosity and happiness is something that is not only noticed by her family but anyone that meets her. She doesn't always believe in herself but the one things she needs to know the most is that all her family believe in her. <3
by from daughter to mum April 22, 2011
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A blonde woman with ombre cascade hairstyle who wants to speak to the manager.
Friend1: Look! That woman over there who speaks to the manager. Her name must be Karen

Friend2: Yeah, 100%. I bet she owns a volvo and has 3 kids.
by LegallyblondeX December 19, 2018
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The most beautiful girl ever. She always cares and will help you when your down. She has a pretty smile, amazing eyes and just a really great person. She has nice mid-long hair and always smells really good. Loves to be with friends and play some Nazi zombies on xbox. She is just a really gorgeous person who is perfect in every way.
That Karen is one great girl who knows what to do.
by Ssfdrummer179 December 20, 2010
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