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Kards are somewhat attractive girls/women, usually short & curvy with long dark hair (mostly extensions) & extremely low self esteem.

They have over-exaggerated features, such as: plastic faces, boobs, butts, lips, etc. full of Botox & Fillers & have these cosmetic procedures well before the age of 21 (which causes them to look older).
Never happy no matter how much money or surgery they have. Insatiable & shallow creatures. Constantly posting nude selfies or pictures of their big fake asses, bent over, squatting in front of the mirror as if the whole world just can’t get enough.
Kards sometimes have underboob, hand & neck tattoos (if they have any) but usually something involving a quote or a design signifying how independent they want everyone to think they are.
Kards live at home with their parents or try to get sugar daddies or Professional Athletes, Musicians, Rappers, etc. to pay for them so they don’t have to go to college or get a real career.

Kards will literally do ANYTHING to keep & maintain their fortune as long as they don’t have to work! Kards DO NOT partake in manual labor jobs.

After reading this definition of Kards up to this point you may feel sorry for them based on how they are being described; but don’t!

Kards use & treat men & other women like shit. Kards blatantly show how they think they are better than everyone else.

*If you are a Kard or have friends who are Kards or know someone who is a Kard. Please get help. Please help them get help.
“Do you guys see that chick over there? The one talking to “Basketball Joe” ...The girl with fish lips & long dark hair... Well she & her friends are Kards!”

“If you play your Kards right, you just might get lucky tonight boys! Don’t forget to flash them dollar bills! They like those!”

“Anybody notice all the Kards up in here tonight?! It’s a Full House!”

“Brad is so damn smooth... He sure knows how to play Kards”...
by WickedHellamean November 11, 2018
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A type of cuddle machine that everyone loves and is loved by.
I sure do need some kard today!
by Superdud3 May 27, 2003
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