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1. Fantastic, wonderful person with a superb taste in hobbies, humour, and deep and varied interests; a fascinating individual.

2. A woman with an intense and passionate interest that is central to who she is.
Person 1: Did you see Sarah the other day?
Person 2: Yeah, I thought she was a bit of a Karagh.
Person 1: Hands off, mate, she's mine!

Person 1: What do you do for a living?
Person 2: I study biology. I love it.
Person 1: I guess you're a Karagh then.
Person 2: Yeah, and proud of it.
by Ebondruid June 11, 2013
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A crazy bitch who can usually be found fist-pumping at the club. An extreme dancer, possibly Irish. Thinks time is never on her side but is mostly just complaining. A good friend who gets thrown into the wall and will die at a young age from a heart attack due to a poor diet. Extremely smart person who knows nothing of hygiene. Tends to attract men who leave her wanting more...
Girl 1: See that girl over there drinking dark beer?

Girl 2: She's such a Karagh.
by KCK123 February 04, 2010
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