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A Kara is a very kind-hearted girl and doesn't like to share her feelings. She is very shy and sensitive and over-all ADORABLE. She will be right there whenever you need a hug or a laugh or someone to talk to. She's usually busy but when she has time to spend with you she makes it count. ๐Ÿ˜Š She may be short but she is very strong and an amazing friend. If you have a Kara in your life never EVER let her go. She is very funny and a great actor.
Person #1: My best friend is Kara..
Person #2: Omg! Lucky..!
by ARandomPerson371837492028483 October 31, 2018
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A skinny beautiful girl. Often laughs alot, and can cheer anyone up with just the sound of her laugh. A very good friend, always there when you need her. Her sense of humor is often mistaken for annoyance. Always happy even when she's sad on the inside. Could be a loyal and faithful girlfriend. Loves to party even if it means having some regretful moments.
Her name must be Kara! She's beautiful!
by JohnSmithhhh January 04, 2015
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A beautiful girl that deserves the best of guys. She has a great personality and can make a guy smile at any time. She is a great girlfriend and knows how to make you laugh. She is perfect in every way and is the best cook alive.
Bro, it's Kara. You are super lucky.
by Talon_Clash02 February 02, 2018
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A clever, witty, intelligent, girl who always knows what's up. Can rock any hair color and look fabulous. Any guy who comes within her presence will stay there forever, head over heels in love. She has the longest head turning legs of life and will make any guy perish before her. She knows how to keep a good balance between work and play, working hard and playing harder. One of the only girls who can be responsible and the party animal simultaneously. She takes care of her friends; taking out anyone who messes with them fearlessly.
I hate my friends. Why can't they all be Kara's?
by Chick Pea Doras March 30, 2011
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A tall, skinny girl who has an amazing personality. All a man can handle, if he becomes so lucky to even have her. A good friend that is always there when needed. Likes to party, even if it means some regretful moments. Always up for an adventure, and never turns down a dare. Very outgoing and smart. Is very athletic person. Someone you can always count on having a good time with.
Dude, its Kara, everything will be fine, look forward to a good time.
by Sarah09 May 20, 2008
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kara the most down to earth girl you will ever meet in your entire life a girl who is strong and stands for hope and has a big heart even to people who have did her wrong she will give chance after chance Kara will make you really happy! she is loyal as hell and trustworthy and funny and smart, beautiful and knows how to make you laugh she is one of a kind and i love her!
kara has such a big heart
by babygirlkara May 24, 2018
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