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Beautiful name. Originated in Ancient India as pseudonym for Lord Krishna and also for Lady Rati who was beautiful wife of handsome husband Kamadeva. Kamadev is hindu God of love, sex and desire. This name is unisex. People with this name are smart, intelligent, patient, meticulous, sexy and lovable. Kanu or Canoe sounds same to some. Kanu is also famous football player.
Rick : Kanu is synonym for beautiful women
lena : Her name sounds like boat canoe?
Rick : Ya! Both are design of elegance and simplicity from God.
by R999 February 02, 2015
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The cookie loving thief of the wildly popular Theninja-rpg (TNR). A popular game based on a ninja setting. She is one of the lovable administrators and the famous Thief of all things cute and cookie related. Also owns a dude ranch.
1. Oh Crap Kanu stole my cookie!

2. Tch Kanu got into my cookie stash.

3. God damnit Kanu leave your red hands off mah cookies!

4. <3 You Kanu
by Angelkat July 14, 2010
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A cat anus but cat is spelled with a k
When someone tightens their hoodie strings then the hood part is up it looks like a cat butthole. That is what Kanus is
by Fghffu February 08, 2017
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When penetration of both orifices has been so severe, the anus and vagina's flesh begins to droop in a way that resembles a "kanus" - a mixture of a vagina and anus.
"Man, she got done so hard on her first time that she got a kanus! It was so disgusting!"
by Johnny_johnny June 26, 2006
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When someone looks like a cat butthole with a hoodie on but the strings are tightened when they have the hood on
Wow Joey you look like a Kanus
by Fghffu February 08, 2017
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An asshole that wonโ€™t leave people alone.
Sethtaros: being reported is one thing, but being put on Urban Dictionary is another. Waddya think, Kanu?
via giphy
by Sethtaros January 19, 2019
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