Kandice is a caring, pretty girl. Kandice does like to cause drama sometimes but can still be nice. Kandice is a small, skinny person that doesn’t pay much attention to there weight. She is a person that can talk behind people’s backs. Kandices are rare. If you have one in your life don’t ditch her she is sensitive.
Kandice is pretty, skinny and caring.
by Lovingfriend123 November 7, 2019
has very nice ass!!!!!!!!!
Hey kandice! hows it going?
by karly April 14, 2005
1. sexie smart bitch, very outgoing, very sexual.

2. girl who loves to masturbate.

3. someone who is great at whatever they do in life.

4. an amazing writer (Kandice Plain)
Aaah... I remember Kandice, she was the best thing that ever happened to me.
by rayjay October 5, 2004
Blatant showboating of your yet to be or nonexistent relationship to an audience that isn't interested In hearing about it. Such as overly sharing photos, videos, screen grabs, texts, or descriptions of a questionable love affair.
Girl, did you see her {Kandicing} nonstop about that guy she just met 45 minutes ago?
by obiwonkannabis June 18, 2016
someone so amazingly fugly, so incredibly annoying, mean, and fat.. that everyone hates her
kandice stop following me! and my friends! we freakin hate u!
by chris December 30, 2005
How to make Kandice Sangria:

Mix half part red wine and half part orange soda together in a glass. Add ice for embellishment. Stir and serve.

Generations old recipe.
Guest: "This sangria is the best I've ever tasted! How'd you make it?"
Me: "It's Kandice sangria."
Guest: "Got it. Orange soda."
by worddefiner342342345 June 16, 2013
Kandice was the hottest most enticing 7th grader when I was in high school, made you wanna SQUALEA!!! She was a cheerleader and loved to show off her thongs. Sweet motha-fucking ass, grab that shit, like grabbing a million dollars, you'd go straight to Nirvana and wish that you could just be there grabbin that choice piece of ass.
Fresh: Indi, you drunk as motha, last night all you talked about was Kandice with a "k"
Indi: Shit, are you kidding me?
Fresh: hell no, i got the shit on tape and sent it to her dad, jay cutler.
Indi: oh fuck, i gotta get outa town, hes gonna beat my ass down if he knows what i said!
Fresh: stupid fuckhead, you had it comming
Indi: damn, your right, i'll go stay with ray schazz, he'll protect me
Fresh: SQUALEA!!!
by india jones March 2, 2005