-A wild creation of God with a unique sense of style and humor, outstanding physical features and a bright inside world to choose from.
-Extraordinary mind
-Wide Imagination
1. A Neighbor In Town: Kamilla
Kamille Vayneght Dautritch
2. An Attractive female
3. A Unique Name inherited from Greece
4. Sub for CAMILLE (Ka-Mi-lE)
by EuphoriaxDeef January 31, 2009
She is very funny and has weird humor but funny humor.She makes her friends Happy When they are sad and she supports everyone.She sees the best in people.She is the bestfriend that everybody would be Happy to have.A Kamilla has great style and is supportive
Stop being mean - Kamilla

Who is that?
She must be a kamilla😂
by Cheezy Ella October 9, 2018
Kamilla is a pretty name. But you’re not very lucky If you like StarBucks and you order a drink there. Because the starbucks workers always write Camilla instead of Kamilla on your starbucks cup.
Kamilla Its a Name, bruh
by Ohohohohoho October 10, 2018
Kamilla is a badass bitch she can beat all those bitches asses but she has a sensitive side she would feel bad about all the negative comments,she falls in love with the wrong guys but in the end they turn around
another boy hey stop she’s my girlfriend
by Steak on a stick January 3, 2020
A beautiful woman who is secretly admired by everyone around her. She is often a feminist and believe in equality. A Kamilla usually have blonde hair and blue eyes. She is the best friend anyone can have, and will always be there for you and keep you in good company. She may have had some trouble in her past, but it's impossible to not love her. She is simply amazing.
-Kamilla is my role model, I don't know how she does it, but she is amazing
-I think it is her personality and how she values other human beings
by Love you friend February 16, 2016
Kamilla is the sweetest of them all. No one os allowed to look at her except her boyfriend. Kamilla is also a brave girl. She is cute, funny, the best and a girl thst her boyfriend is really proud to have a relationship with.
Me: I'm so lucky to be with Kamilla
Friend: oh you mean that cute girl?
Me: Hell yea
Friend: Ye, you are really lucky then
by _TheMyth_ February 26, 2019
Very bundalicious quite sexy i must say and the bunda is massive.
kamillas bunda is very big today
by i like bunda October 4, 2021