The word Kamala means Lotus, the word Kamala is someone that is self taught, strong, very determined and well liked if you show respect. Kamala is really caring and confident. They are also the coolest people on the planet. Once you meet one you will never forget them.
by Totally10 September 6, 2018
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Kamala is a Camel that somehow got elected Vice President of the United States of America.
Dude does America have Camel's? Only one and it's name is Kamala!
by WonderValley May 18, 2021
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Kamala is a name for a poop no bigger then a square inch that refuses to let go, it hangs on to the hairs surrounding the anus and causes the individual to twerk, shake the booty, or simply attempt to flick it off (risking severe smearing).
Had a kamala this morning and I had to wait 20 minutes for gravity to do its thing.
I tried shaking that kamala off and broke the toilet seat.
I didn't know I had a kamala, when I was done wiping my ass looked like a Nutella sandwich.

That kamala was hanging on like tarzan.
by Juicy plums February 10, 2022
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’Kamala’ means ’horrible’ in Finnish.

Technically ’Kamala Harris’ means Horrible Harris in Finnish.
Finnish person:"Tää Trump jäbä on kyllä ihan vitun kamala äijä." (This Trump dude sure is one horrible man.)
by DaisyTheCatgirl November 26, 2020
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to defuse your ignorance when asked a question by smiling or laughing ; in other words playing it off
Joe really is a complete idiot. Lord knows how he was promoted. Did you see him in the Q. & A. when Phylis asked him a question on net income and he began to do a kamala and then mumbled some nonsense. What a fucking clown!
by RONDO MONDO December 17, 2020
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Your penis is ripe with kamala.
by DR Akmed October 31, 2020
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