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Complete and total idiocy. Incompetence at its best, A Kamakazie is usually a 13 year old cumputer nerd that sits on his PC all day staring at pictures of Jessica Alba in a sad attempt to get a boner.

This type of person is likely to call you a "n00b, noob or newb" on telentless (IMO) games such as CS (Includes CSS) and other games similar to it. This type of person is also likely to make lame jokes about your mother and lame things like that.

Generally avoid this person at all costs. Their sheer idiocy and relentless swarms if moronic messeges over Instant Messengers (Like AOL Instant Messenger or MSN) Is known to actually decrease your IQ by atleast 10 points. Although this can not be confirmed it is likely to happen.
"Man that kids such a Kamakazie"

"Haha, Check out that Kamakazie over there. What an asshat."
by wacked_16 February 04, 2006
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To get super pissed and shove a fresbie down your throat while yelling kamakazie
John found his dog betty sleeping with another retard so he shoved a pillow fresbie down his throat cutting off his oxygen and slowly killing him
by micky mouse June 02, 2003
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