The SEXIEST MAN ALIVE. He gets all the girls and all of the money.
"Bro kalle has all the girls. I bet he can rasengan good."
by Kj caca man March 18, 2021
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Kalle is the best guy in the world. He has a big dick he loves sex kalle loves weed kalle is a lady magnet. He is the best fucker in the world. You are lucky if you have a Kalle in your life.
Kalle is youst best
by Bitch fuck fuck February 6, 2019
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A slang term for cocaine. Named after legendary boxing promoter Kalle Sauerland for his cocaine fuelled interviews with various media outlets, made prevalent by his constant gurning and erratic behaviour.
"Jake is on the old Colombian Kalle again."

"Have you seen Prince? He's got some quality Kalle at the moment."
by CocaineKalle February 17, 2018
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Laughs like: AhHuHhUuhHuuh (in a deep voice) but we love her
Anyone: *says something funny
Kalle: AhHuHhuUhHuhuuH
by Jdjidjsjeh December 10, 2019
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A very impotent person, with a small penis and are very annoying sometimes.

He have a penile disfunction
Beate: Ohh you've been with Kalle?

Osman: No, he's penis didn't work...
by Kalleslayer123 August 23, 2022
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An individual who usually lacks insight, motivation and I.Q.. Although they usually are docile london cigarettes, accumulating a very curious hatred towards them for their nature of helplessly being rusty trombones giving dutch bagels is almost second nature.

Coming out of the closet is one of the biggest feats most of them must achieve unless they wanna give slack-jawed blowjobs to everyone and lie about liking it for the rest of their lives. This usually ending in that, as well as a false sense of superiority.

They are hoped to be believed to be extinct. Thoughts of a strong sense of "in one ear and out the other" mentality are advisably often applied.
Guy 1: Oh god, *sigh* here comes a Kalle dude...

Guy 2: Aww fuck, just ignore it and it'll go away. Besides, if I have to hear it yap that broken record shit anymore I swear...

Guy 1: Get used to it man, it's never gonna change. It has waaay too many issues, like with that undeserved sense of accomplishment and that preschool Annie Oakley "Anything you can do, I can do better" bullshit.
by Unknown 247 February 8, 2009
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