Very nice/calm and damn sexy man. Always sensitive and attentive, sooo very much nice and kind, indeed funny and handsome. Osmans are rare to find creatures, when you happen to find them, sink your nails in and never let them go. Their true attribution is to be soo honest and witty at the same time, with their incredible and amusing sense of humour.
Hey, can you believe that there is one osman for anyone in the world if you are lucky enough to meet them? Well, good luck.
by maia-andalwaysmaia February 14, 2021
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- (adj.) Description of something that is amazing at everything, good looking and just out of this world.

-(adj.) Something that initiates sexual arousal.

- (adj.) Male Arabic given name meaning "the chosen one" amongst the tribe of brave and noble people.

- (n.) When an "Osman" is spotted, women are prone to have orgasms.
- That guy is so osman, he never fails.

- I thought my girlfriend was having a seizure, and then I saw the osman across the street.

- He just put the team on his back, like an osman.

- I didn't pee myself, I just saw an osman.
by grayson24 December 5, 2011
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Just an overall beast. Osman is the greatest present man in the world and he is FRIKKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Refer to Osman as a beast.
by bigcityman September 30, 2011
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Osman a skillful leader and warrior.
For more details on Osman, see Foundation of Ottoman Empire.
by godlywiseman July 19, 2009
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Oglum osmanin görünüyor lan!
by armelar March 14, 2021
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Osman is are very tall, big guy who has a very big Dick. Osman is black as fuck but that's makes him attractive. He is from Germany and looks very good. He is focused on his training trying to be a big guy.
We all love him and his big black Dick.
Who has a black Dick? Osman
by Leplol November 21, 2021
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