Definition: A dude who has a sad backstory, and eye patch, and is built like a Disney prince.

Kaeya defined (2): That one Genshin impact character that everyone wants to either fuck, fight, or adopt as their son.
Dude you’re being a real Kaeya right now.

“ Kaeya is my adoptive son, and someday he’ll inherit the palace and all of my debuts to the devil. “

by Cry_Bb January 19, 2021
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Sexiest daddy you'll ever see. Has a bro with a big dong. Will not freeze you in place.
Who's that hot man with an eyepatch? Oh it's Kaeya.
by dongcollector November 25, 2020
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A sexy blue haired, blue eyed, dark skin man who can let you ascend to heaven with his gorgeous voice and smile.
Random bitch: hey bestie do you know Kaeya from genshin?
Hot person: you mean sexi daddy who is also an angel
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“kaeya is sexc
so true. banger
by xiaolislol December 18, 2020
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The sexiest MF you will ever meet, that man is most likely packing 16 inches istg he is so hot.

damn I just want him to **** *** ** **** ****** *** ***** *** everywhere all night ong that man has full permission to just **** the soul right out my body I would give him the sloppiest most amazing head he has ever gotten in his entire life, I would be willing to become his dog and have absolutely no regrets in doing so.

That man is the living version of perfection, if God is actually real then thank you for letting me lay my eyes on such a beautiful and perfect man.
person 1: "yo Kaeya is so fucking hot"

person 2: "ikr, I want him to **** me all day and all night right in the *** with a bluetooth speaker and then just *** all over me cuz hes so sexy."
by LuxianoLee June 9, 2021
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kaeyas boobs is amazing goo goo ga ha i want milk
by not shy shy May 6, 2021
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Ice man with big-dick-energy. He probably hooked up with every knight in Mondstadt and most likely some of the fatui too. Be careful, he might seduce u too.
Knight A: My back hurts so bad!
Knight B: too much work?
Knight A: No... Kaeya.
Knight B: ...
by Sachi Mcdickweed December 31, 2021
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