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A well-dressed Intellectual, makes women swoon at his very presence, and could convince a rock that it should be a therapist... and it would be a damned good one at that. also known for having a harem... or 2.
Person 1: so i was at this party the other night, and guess who showed up?
Person 2: no idea who?
Person 1: here's a clue all the women threw their naked bodies at him.
Person 2: oh Kadin was there?
by the masked one October 12, 2009
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Kadin is an amazing guy who is into country songs and he is tall and handsome. He is definitely a country guy and has the voice of a country singer as well. He has a heart of gold and would be an amazing boyfriend/brother/and friend. He likes to hang out with friends often and is a silly incredible guy.
Kadin's got a heart of gold that doesn't deserve to be broken
by MekachiAdmirer July 11, 2018
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Kadin is someone that is very nice, super hot, really smart, and he’s lowkey really short. He’s a really great friend and boyfriend and he is religious and has very good manners. I just love him❤️
Celena: omg I heard u was dating Kadin

Erin: well u heard right then

Celena: every girl is going crazy over it
Erin: I know I’m so lucky he’s such a great person
Celena: Yea and he’s friends with Ryan so we can go on a double date

Erin: Yup it’ll be great
by Offcl._ek04 May 20, 2018
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An introverted bean that has a wonderful personality. He is so caring that many of his friends call him "mom." He is incredibly smart yet humble and dominant yet submissive. His advanced knowledge of the world gives him a wise awareness and therefore gives him the capability to have deep philosophical discussions the average human is incapable of having. He is the most talented person you will ever meet. He is exactly the perfect friend. You would be lucky to be friends with a Kadin.
Can you believe Kadin has a crush on Sweden?

Yeah, it fits his compassionate personality...


Damn. Kadin really is the best person ever.
by Kylily September 23, 2018
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A snobby neanderthal that does not understand the concept of socially acceptable behavior; a ridiculous person, antisocial pessimist.
who's that fucking loser
man hes such a Kadin
by NakedInTheSauce June 06, 2017
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A depressing friend who actually has no friends and is really sad, but loves people who talk to him.
That Kadin guy is sad. sad Failure no friends depressing
by Gray Sheep Derp February 12, 2018
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