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The most amazing person in the world, she is pretty and intelligent, she is also the weirdest kid you will ever meet, no one ever really understands her and what she stands for in life she is only understood by one person she trusted a lot of people and shows courage even if she dosent actually have any, she is one of a kind, she can entertain anyone and doesn’t know what to do when someone is sad she is friendly but shy, usually an Aquarius (because they are the best)and she is such a kewl kid and everyone wants to be like her and she loves annoying people. She dreams big and dreams weird but that’s what makes her, her.
Bro Kaddy is so cool and funny I wanna be just like her”
by Hi there person April 23, 2018
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A form of "Daddy" but with a killer penis.
I would have screamed "Daddy harder oh ohhh " but instead I called him "KADDY" indicating he has a killer tots bomb penis.
by Ayelololol March 22, 2016
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