"Keep me posted". Used in the IM business world usually between a manager and a subordinate.
(In an IM session)
Manager: What's going on with Client X.
Employee: Under control. QA is addressing the issue and everything is OK.
Manager: Thx. KMP
by Sembilan May 08, 2008
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kmp is a way of saying "kill me please" during an awkward or stupid situation.
"I said I wasn't interested and she still stalks me. Kmp."
by Walking Away August 08, 2016
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Kill Me Please

This is something I write down (on my shoes, my hand, etc.) Cause I'm a depressed emo weeny and I feel all emo weenies should know this.
Or if people already do know this, then there should at least be a definition for it.
*Over text*
Friend: no
Me: :(
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by Frealitsgood May 28, 2018
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kiss my pussy! A few pleasant words that will give you whiplash from a verbal tongue lashing from a savage ass bitch, followed by a royaly perfected bitch slap. And in most cases ends in a board flip and tag up saying "K.M.P" on It, that you would be privileged to have fucker. is also the name for a skate crew that was started by Dylan Payne, the Daughter of the badass dude whom actually came up with "K.M.P" Mr. Farley.
Yo fuckface! You even skate bro? Yeah bitch, you. Give me your muthafucking skateboard. K.m.p Bitch!
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by The Sabeys May 28, 2018
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Kill Mad People

A relatively simple concept, it is a show of lighthearted sympathy when life screws a friend over big time but they arnt really devastated.
Jason: "... So the stupid bitch turns around and pulls up to the pump on the other side! SHE WAS STILL FACING THE WRONG WAY"
Justin: "KMP, my friend, KMP."
by Ghassan August 14, 2005
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