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A dress up game that is made by Lunime. People make videos out of this by using the different poses. These people are called gacha tubers. Some people match the clothing to the skin color and say the characters are ‘naked’. A lot of the community on YouTube is cursed and should belong in the deepest depths of hell.
Girl #1: Have you heard of this new game called Gacha Life UwU
Girl #2: Omg yass show me you’re OC (original character)
by You’ve been gnomed November 03, 2019
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An game for horny 9 year olds. Originally the fandom was sweet an innocent but now these bitches making a kids game nsfw

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by CEOofundertale January 28, 2020
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A dress-up game (poorly) utilizing the Gacha mechanic. Its community is very diverse, ranging from newcomers to experienced "gachatubers," and to pornographic makers.

Many people prefer to think of it as a "horrible app filled with horny 10-year olds." However, this is only partly true. The community is what makes it "horrible."
I posted a video on Gacha Life. Check it out, man!
by sol, or onset November 23, 2019
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A literal yaoi maker where little horny boys and girls go make some inappropriate stuff for their ages.
Person 1:Hey I posted a video on Gacha life check it out man
Person 2: Oh sure *watches video*
Person 1: you like it?
Person 2: Were not friends anymore man
by Fucking_excuse_me_karen September 20, 2019
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An app where you create anime-styled characters called gachas, and then force them to do things against their will, preferably nsfw actions.
Person 1: What do you think about gacha life?
Person 2: You say those words again and I will kill you.
by gacha_cringe_enthusiast November 02, 2019
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A literal sin to god and all that is pure and holy.
person 1: My favorite app is Gacha life
person 2: NEVER talk to me EVER again.
by Dumb_ass_bitch May 11, 2020
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