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Please Don't Forget!
The rent is due tomorrow. PDF!
by Famous Teacher August 24, 2016

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Oh Fuck It’s Monday
OFIM! Time to get back to reality.
by Famous Teacher October 02, 2017

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Switzerland is neutral like Wednesdays - the week is half over and only half to go until the weekend
A: Hey bro! Happy Switzerland!
B: What? Why Switzerland?
A: Because Wednesdays are neutral - it's not the beginning of the week and the week is half over!
by Famous Teacher October 16, 2017

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When a motorcycle rider releases the clutch too quickly and stalls the bike.
Everybody’s blowing their horns at that guy with premature eclutchulation. He’s fucking holding up traffic!
by Famous Teacher June 07, 2019

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Live And Learn
From my experience, it’s better to be safe than sorry, but LAL.
by Famous Teacher June 09, 2018

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Tossin' And Turnin'
Hey man, you look awful. Everything okay?

No-I feel horrible. I was up all night TNT.
by Famous Teacher December 31, 2018

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Shoot the shit
Would you rather do this activity or STS?
by Famous Teacher April 19, 2018

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