Keeping My Head Still - To experience a surge of second-hand embarrassment so intense, one is physically unable to shake one's head (SMH). Usually accompanied by an intense desire to avoid eye contact, and an all-encompassing silence.
Person 1: Have you listened to Iggy Azalea's newest album? It's straight fire.
Person 2: I haven't listened to anything except the My Little Pony soundtrack for the last four years.
Everyone: KMHS
by WhiteyMcCune February 9, 2015
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Kabab Mein Haddi (Bone in the kebab/ meat) (Hindi, used in India)

Used to denote a person who disrupts the alone romantic time of a couple by hanging out with them, mostly uninvited/ unwanted.
Tina- Hey, come with me and Raj to the movie.
Nikki- No yaar, you guys go. I dont wanna be a KMH for u guys.
by pristine00 June 28, 2009
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1) Acronym used for the phrase "kill my high" referring to anything that interferes with the buzz of alcohol, marijuana, etc.
Dude, put down that avocado burger! KMH!
by Christopher Isla September 4, 2007
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Kill More Hindu's, it's on every canadian speed limit sign.
What does kmh mean on that speed limit sign? Kill More Hindu's!
by Brad Canning July 18, 2006
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Keep Me Hidden, a crew created by blxmeher

When you don’t want to be seen.
Ex 1. Aye you in KMH?
Ex 2. KMH nigga
by bliqky September 27, 2018
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