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Kababs are supposed to be juicy and tasty. As a result, the experience of eating a particularly delectable kabab like the ‘Kakori Kabab’ is described by a number of people as being as good as love making.

Just as Finding a bone in your kabab ruins the experience or acts as a distraction, someone walking in on lovemaking or amorous encounter acts as a mood spoiler or distraction too.

Hence the term don’t be a ‘kabab mein haddi’ is used to tell someone off indirectly that they are being a nuisance ;) esp. in situations such as someone dropping in on bunch of love birds having an intimate dinner.
Dekh, udhar aa gaya kabab mein haddi
(Roughly translates as, ‘look there comes mr. nuisance or kabab mein haddi)’
by Kautilya_Mir Taqi Mir June 17, 2018
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