This is an acronym for Kiss My Balls. Originated when Kiss My Butt/Ass had lost it’s effect. This saying is often used in jest/humor as opposed to in anger or disgust.
"... so I told them they could KMB."

or simply

"You can KMB."
by WHIV May 21, 2004
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Kick Michael's Bag

If a person shouts KMB, and Michael is in the vicinity, then his bag must be kicked. If Michael is not present, he is to be replaced by another person with a name beginning with M
KMB! (sounds of a bag being kicked)
by nev errington November 26, 2009
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Kiss my Balls (for wannabes or people who fake or just copy,for irritating assholes for unwanted people..) etc
Q-can i come to the movie with you..?
by Budhu January 20, 2009
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