Katawa Dick Syndrome

Alternatively KSD, or Katawa Shoujo disorder

Describes the feeling of completeness or will to better oneself and the complete dropoff in libido experienced when severely autistic people play visual novels such as Katawa Shoujo or Snootgame and they remember actual genuine romantic love exists.
I downloaded Snootgame expecting it to be a shitpost, and the KDS caught me totally off guard.
by wonkire July 7, 2021
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Kids Don't Sleep

used in MMORPG alot.
Guy nr1: go to sleep WoW freak
Guy nr2: NO
Guy nr3: KDS
Guy nr1: truetrue
by Grand_Finale January 28, 2010
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Korean Down's Syndrome -

1) the condition of being born in Korea or of having Korean ancestry

2) someone who enjoys eating spam, and screaming chin-cha

3) someone who possesses kds-like qualities
-damn check out that shorty
-no way man, she's got those kds eyes and smells like spam
by jeromemorrow April 30, 2004
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A KD is and eighth of an ounce (zip, zone, oz). It is called a KD because Kevin Durant wears the jersey number 35 (an eighth is 3.5 grams). Mostly marijuana smokers use this term, but can be used for other things.
“Yo what you cop earlier? A gram?”

“Nah moe, I copped a KD.”
by YoungDMV October 25, 2018
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In games kill/death ratio is kdr
KD is for short
FKDR is final kills/final deaths ration
Sam: Whats your kd?
Alex: its 0.3
Sam: You suck at the game

Some random minecraft kid:
“MY FKDR IS 3+!!!!”
by UCn’FxStpd June 16, 2018
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3.5 grams of Weed, and eighth
“What you needed?”
Aye let me get a KD.”
by Bham Ebonics June 27, 2017
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your kill to death ratio in cod
Jim: Dude, I'm a beast at cod.

Fred: What's your kd.

Jim: 2.57

Fred: Dude!
by Air Jewish November 15, 2010
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