The more relaxed version of X3, it's what follows X3 naturally. After the initial reaction to something it's what you can use to show you are just chillin'. It has a couple of variations like >K3 and K3~.

It is not to be confused with the KKK.
What's this? :3 (Curiosity)
Hmmm? =3 (Eagerness)
Lol wut X3 (Happily surprised)
Aaaaw, that's so sweet K3 (Playing it cool)
by Quakeulf April 28, 2008
A fine ass nigga. can fuck any niggas mom
creator of (nigga i’m the big dilf don’t do that)
That nigga K3 fucked my mom yesterday He fucked my mom too
by k3333jfjf February 9, 2022
It's a heart (<3). (used in games where you cannot type the < symbol)
In the game Asda Story, you can't type "<"
OMFG~! I K3 my new sword!
by Lehcar0 March 21, 2011
A Belgian children's music band that consists of these members: Kathleen, Karen, and Kristel (1999-2009), Josje, Karen, and Kristel (2009-2015), Klassje, Hanne, Marthe (2015-2021), first album from this band was released in 1999, the album is called Parels (lit. Pearls), the big hit from this album is Heyah Mama, this album was sold in English as Heyah Mama, but it flopped, BMG was K3's founder but the band was sold to Studio 100 after the release of the album Verliefd (lit. In love) in 2002, and a year later, Studio 100 released their first K3 album, the album is called Oya Lèlè, in 2007 was the last album released featuring Kathleen, the album was called Kusjes (lit. Kisses), in 2009 after hosting K2 zoekt K3 (lit. K2 searches for K3), Josje won and the album Mamasè was released, in 2014, Karen, Kristel, and Josje released their final song called K3 Loves You, and a year later, Hanne, Klaasje, and Marthe joined K3 and released the album 10.000 Luchtballonen (lit. 10.000 Balloons), in 2018 the Polish K3 was founded and its called My3 releasing their single called Mammaje, at the same year, K3 released the movie K3 Live Cruise featuring the Dutch Ocean liner SS Rotterdam, in 2021 the album and the movie Dans Van De Farao (lit. Dance of The Pharaoh) was released, but at the same year Klaasje left K3 and another K2 Zoekt K3 was hosted.
Person 1: Have you heard of K3?
Person 2: Yes, I heard about them, my children love to listen to their songs.
by SNCB 4136 November 19, 2021
a group of three bad asses that plan on making the world a "white man experience" basically that means shotguns, beer, and no laws to follow. In addition, there are no minorities to fuck everything up by selling drugs or planting curry farms. These three individuals are some of the most majestic mother fuckers you will ever lay your eyes on in your entire life.
the k3 will prevail
by shotguuuunnn February 10, 2013
A parody of the E=MC2 equation. K3=R stands for "K cubed (KKK) equals R (Racism)". This is a Ku Klux Klan condemning graffit tag used and invented by Australian graffiti artist "Proxy". It was invented in 2007.
Racist: "look at those black shits"
Proxy: "K3=R, motherfucker!"
by Curtdogg / Proxy March 5, 2009