short form for knock out
see wasted
I friggin K.O.ed that guy man he was wasted.
by wow December 1, 2003
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K.O. is a abbreviation for Kill Opponent.
K.O. is commonly mistaken for Knock Out by naive pokemon game players.
Squirtle! Use Water Gun!

Squirtle has K.O.
by theonlyones February 11, 2011
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Acronym for the "Super Uber Cool Online Awesomness game" Knight Online. Or can be used o describe someone that plays K.O. entirely too much.
Ex. 1 "I play K.O. all the time... and I have a girlfriend, doesnt that surprise you?"

Ex. 2 "K.O. plays K.O. all the time... and he has the hottest girlfriend on the planet... on the game atleast."
by -{Turkey}- Lt. Emerpoc October 17, 2006
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Stands for "knock out" in reference to going to sleep or taking a long nap and mostly used as a verb.

"Yo, come thru to this party, mayne!"
"Nah niqqa, i'm bout to k.O"
by PotHeadLuverGirl April 8, 2009
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Verb, past tense. ( kay - oh - d )

Short for "Knocked Out."

1. The state a bowl, pipe, bubbler, or bong is in after all the marijuana has been smoked out of it. The bowl has been Knocked Out, or Kashed Out. This is the point in which you want to remove remaining ash and pack another bowl.

2. To be in a completely drunken state, where you are unable to function regularly anymore, usually results in passing out.

3. To physically knock someone unconscious. Commonly in fighting, or in Sports such as Hockey, Boxing, Ultimate Fighting, ect.
1. (About to smoke a bowl that's already been passed around a few times)
"Man I think it's K.O.-ed already."

2. (After a night full of drinking)
"Damn that chick over there is K.O.-ed."

3. He got K.O.-ed with the first punch.
by Meggatron August 27, 2008
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Wen someones tits are so big they can be used as a weapon to knock someone out, give em blackeye, whiplash or concussion. Basically and tittys size f cup and up
"We were having a tickle fight when i accidentaly slapped my bf in the face with my tits and broke his nose via titty k.o"
by Shovellovingcarl December 17, 2017
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a new cartoon series airing on cartoon network created by ian jones quartey (he works on steven universe). it's about a kid named ko who lives in a world with superheroes and villians and he gets a job at gar's bodega at *lakewood plaza turbo* with enid and radicles, his co workers and the series revolves around his adventures at the plaza. it's an amazing show and the plot seems to be evolving as steven universe did, so make a note to check it out
person 1: have you heard of o.k. k.o.?
person 2: that new cn show? it seems dorky and bad :/
person 1: i'm telling you it will be the next steven universe, it is the best!!!!!
by val uwu rawr August 26, 2017
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