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Verb, past tense. ( kay - oh - d )

Short for "Knocked Out."

1. The state a bowl, pipe, bubbler, or bong is in after all the marijuana has been smoked out of it. The bowl has been Knocked Out, or Kashed Out. This is the point in which you want to remove remaining ash and pack another bowl.

2. To be in a completely drunken state, where you are unable to function regularly anymore, usually results in passing out.

3. To physically knock someone unconscious. Commonly in fighting, or in Sports such as Hockey, Boxing, Ultimate Fighting, ect.
1. (About to smoke a bowl that's already been passed around a few times)
"Man I think it's K.O.-ed already."

2. (After a night full of drinking)
"Damn that chick over there is K.O.-ed."

3. He got K.O.-ed with the first punch.
by Meggatron August 27, 2008
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Means that a player/person is beaten with ease without the player/person having a chance of survival/escape/healing/movement. Mainly a term used in runescape
1.Wow dude You koed that guy koed him with a 32-29 dag spec!
3.lmao he got koed as he spawned
by Ross Williams September 25, 2006
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A action comparable to dumbel-funded, meaning to absolutely knock someone out in the most ultimate of regards.
Guy: Did you see the fight between KSI and Logan-Paul?
Other Guy: Yeah! Logan got KOed!
by Salad_Dude September 16, 2018
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