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Jwan is a Kurdish word meaning "beautiful".
A girl name "Jwan".
Something beautiful.
Hey that's Jwan. Hello Jwan, how are you?
You are beautiful ( to jwanit).
by Ahmed Kurdi February 05, 2010
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Jwan is a name for a beautiful girl, if you ever meet a girl named Jwan you are lucky.
She is friendly and kind hearted, and doesn’t like making people sad or unhappy.
She likes to be with people and likes to make them smile, she is a person that is sometimes afraid to say “No”.
She is strong, and open-minded. She is good at making other people solve their problems and if you have a friend named Jwan, feel free to tell her anything you want.
She will probably have a long brown hair, brown eyes, and a beautiful smile.
She will probably have long and slim legs, and a small waist.
She is innocent, pure, and kind-hearted.
She is an angel, a beautiful angel.
She is independent, she is intelligent.
“I met a girl named Jwan, and she is really kind”
“There’s a new student named Jwan, she helped me with a math problem a day ago”
by Expertinnames July 02, 2018
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Hello Jwan i heard that your name is Jwan or something like that i don't know.
by hello my ancient friend December 17, 2018
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