Criminology branches off sociology. It is the study of crime and criminals.
"What are you studying For A levels then?"
"I am studing Criminology."
by xctinax December 21, 2006
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"Criminology is the study of making the laws, breaking the laws and society's reaction to the breaking of laws"- Edwin Sutherland
Criminology is an interesting subject
by Rotten Turkey September 11, 2022
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1. The science of using a highly trained human or canine investigator to sniff an unclaimed fart and then back-engineer it's food origins to identify the perpetrator from a list of suspects.
2. The general act of smelling a fart and guessing who did it.
Recent excavations in France have yielded evidence of early forms of supernasal criminology. Cave paintings have been found that not only depict Neolithic man smelling the farts of his fellow man, but also smelling the farts of his prey. It is believed that early hunter gatherers would sneak up on their prey and smell their farts before making a kill. This was a means of identifying the diet of the animal and thus ensuring the nutritional value of the meat before bringing it home to his clan.
by OrkTheFork January 9, 2011
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A course with filled with mad people and mad lecturers.
Guy: what are you studying?

Tunde: I'm studying Criminology in fuoye.
Guy: Ah, werey ni gbogbo yin but olorun a wa pelu e.
by Werey March 22, 2021
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A branch and school of criminology that is sympathetic to criminals because some criminologist know a lot of crimes are victimless crimes such as prostitution,underaged sex,gambling ect. In this branch of criminology many criminals are seen as victims of society.
by Deep blue 2012 December 16, 2009
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