JUSTIE - A male who is so politically correct that he is emasculated. He is so deprived of his male role or identity that he is ashamed to be born a man. He compensates by being so politically correct that he is rendered a "plonker". Plonker being English slang for a fool. This saying emerged from Canada's Prime Minister who surrendered his own manhood to selfies and political correctness .
Justin Trudeau was seen flapping his arms around saying that "we don't say mankind but we like to say 'peoplekind'...it's more inclusive.'' This guy is such a little Justie.

I heard about this Justie who wanted to change several politically incorrect words: Mankind to Peoplekind, Manatee to Peopleatee, Man-O-War to People-O-War, Man-Up to People-Up and even Manitoba to Peopleatoba.
by WIdeas that matter February 9, 2018
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A little person. You could insinuate that they are midgets but they may bite your ankles. They also tend to be poor at handling their spit when it is mixed with alcohol. You may think they are drooling but they likely will try to deny it by saying that it was just 'watery' puke. They also are known for propositioning people when intoxicated so always bring a dental dam when a Justie is around.
Devin: Yo dude this totally wack chick just asked to make out with me and then drooled all over herself!"

Ian: Oh! you've totally just met a Justie! Protect your ankles!"
by DEVINIHNAT&IANSMITH November 18, 2010
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A person who serves as both best friend and just friend.
"Rayan is not just a friend, he is like my justie"
by Rayrifat March 23, 2019
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An Ellie's best friend. He's darling, witty, charming, and exudes pervert. But no ones cares after he unleashes the full force of his big baby browns. Not to mention his bodacious Brittany! By the way, he likes to lunchbox before school in the morning. Sometimes he can let you down, but really, who could resist him? He's ace at answering calls at two in the morning! And an expert at climbing down your roof on valentine's day (really, not)! "But he sure can kiss.." oh, that's a line from one of his favorite movies, My Best Friend's Wedding. Yeah, he's a total girl, but he's not. Really he's not. He's wonderful. This is for all you girls who may consider dating a Justie. Fair warning, his best friend is crazy about him! Only one girl's got a Justie. And for now, it's lucky little Ellie!
Brittany: Ugh, Justie is so awesome, I think I saw him lunchboxing from my window this morning.
Amy: You know, his best friend, Ellie, is totally mint!
by Ellie Cat March 1, 2010
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Justis is orgasmically good at making people laugh. &is the popular of the school. has all the friends without even trying & likes to be called love muffin :) is a boss when it comes to basketball..uses awesome words like groovyy &is more laidback and usually 'chills' with friends and is UBER sexy. and has painful ab-ies because he works on them everrryday..!
Have you seen that new kid JUSTIS!!?? he's a boss...!
by newdleheeed July 16, 2009
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She is super attractive and loves everyone. Even though she is a savage to everyone she still has loads of friends. She always puts all her friend's problems in front of her own she only cries when she is alone or has a total mental breakdown. She loves to party and can hold her alcohol. Totaly amazing and a good person at heart the only thing people hate about her is when she is making any decision she gets scared and anxious. She is very self-conscious and always strives to do her best so she can feel wanted in the world. The only thing Justis is truly scared of is not being wanted.
Damn look at Justis.
by killokjklokh March 21, 2018
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To the world you may be one person, but to me you are the world.
Justy is my babycakes. <2
by Yoggu September 13, 2006
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