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Justin Trudeau-ism is a term referenced in psychology as being a psychological coping mechanism employed by a person or people where an object of mockery such as a clown is selected for a position of significance where a person or people can feel relief from having to live up to the expectations or duties that an office or position would normally confer and instead can feel satisfied or fulfilled in a feeling of bigotry ridiculing the clown they have elected. Typically within government politics, in conservative members Justin Trudeau-ism is practiced out of an apathy towards politics and it is an act of over compensating for their lack of interest. While in Liberal members Justin Trudeau-ism is practiced to scorn and humiliate the position of significance out of a repressed feeling demoralisation and the affliction of nihilism that goes with it, Justin Trudeau is a means to punish those who remain faithful and hopeful towards politics. Justin Trudeau-ism can be practiced among a wide spectrum of situations and events.
Betty: "Jennifer claims there are no good men out there to date, but she only chases after f**k bois"
Lindsey: "Jennifer cannot manage a real relationship with a good man, she has pair bonding issues. She Justin Trudeaus with the f**k bois so she doesn't have to admit herself her own problems. F**k Bois are her Justin Trudeau-ism"
by Spawnface November 17, 2021
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Titty envy is a term in psychology referring to inherent rivalries towards objects of precious, limited resource in relationship to maternity and childhood-like development. It can also refer to a deep psychogical attachment in a single person associated with maternity and a repressed source of lust. Usually, it characterizes or symbolizes sibling rivalry stemmed directly over territorial conflict to the milk of the mother's breasts. But it can also be treated more abstractly in conjunction to things like the development of sexuality, personality, ect. It can also represent sexual conflict between men or women in the contest towards an object of sexual importance. The breasts represent an object of existential importance in nourishment or survival and the means of conflict people will engage in towards one another to get it.
Joe: "Those two boys have been at war with each other ever since they had to share their mother's tit. They kind of have a titty envy between them over who gets what first."

Prof Joe: "The girl typified as a super baby develops a type of titty envy towards men who offer resource and validation in exchange of sex normally due to a past childhood trauma whereas a father or male guardian sexually abused her and she behaviorally learnt to associate affection, or a lack-thereof with acts of sex. In sexualising herself she relives and chases confused affections with a paternal figure"
by Spawnface November 17, 2021
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A macho simp is a category of simping where a man objectifies himself and his sensibilities arbitrarily in favour of female hierarchy and gynocentricism by falsely feigning masculinity behind a short, easily-manipulated temper, a shoddy sense of hyper masculine chivalry and big sexualised muscles. In all his activities with women he cucks himself but averts the attention of it by presenting himself as a strong, manly man. He almost always subverts and compromises his own personal interests and sense of worth to either a wife, girlfriend, sister or group of women. He is generally a type of servant with sexy man muscles they cater to female sexual lists and other female sensibilities towards the male sex.
Joe: "Steve is a big guy, he could easily beat me up for sure. But he's still a simp, he's a macho simp. He's a total bitch when it comes to women. He just acts and looks tough to avoid being teased by the boys for being such a pussy"
by Spawnface November 17, 2021
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