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The best reason to throw your Intel Core in the bin.

Kick-ass processors for notebooks/laptops, Turions are fast, energy efficient and reliable - and the dual-core X2 is even better.

There are two kinds of laptop CPUs - Turions, and those that aspire to be Turions.
by MrKapper July 11, 2006
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An Australian colloquialism; describing someone intellectually impaired or moronic.
In the case of this phrase, the term "roo" is an abbreviation for kangaroo, an Australian marsupial.

Used emphatically, the phrase is sometimes amended to "a few roos loose in the top paddock".

To have a roo loose in the top paddock:

After John spent all those years on weed, he talked liked he had a roo loose in the top paddock.
by MrKapper July 10, 2006
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1. Four words of the NATO Phonetic Alphabet which, when read in that order, spell out the ever-popular four letter expletive, FUCK.

2. A 2005 hit single by The Bloodhound Gang. Attains two things - (i) the outright bastardization of the phonetic alphabet and (ii) the invention of a number of creative ways to describe the noble art of 'fucking'. For most listeners, this is their first subjection to the wonders of the NATO alphabet.

3. Phonetic combination used by Flight Simulator 2002 nerds to personalise their aircraft; thus the word 'FUCK' spells itself on the aircraft's tail.
1: Tank: Come in, base, this is Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo!
Base: Yeah? Fuck you, too.

2: Chris: So, whats ya favourite song at the moment?
Mary: FUCK
Chris: What?
Mary: Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo, dummy.
Chris: Does that spell fuck?
Mary: Oh, sorry, I forgot you had an IQ of 80. My bad.

3: Tom: OMGZ, my Learjet's tail says "FUCK"!!
Harry: Wow, wish I were that witty.....
by MrKapper November 17, 2005
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The term given to an extremely hot girl misbehaving sexually.
Eva, stop being a naughty kitten!
by MrKapper June 30, 2006
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In the game CounterStrike:Source, the term para may refer to either

a) The M249 Machine Gun, also known as "Para," this gun is fantastic for support fire but pretty useless over long range, or-

b) With allusion to parachuting or paratrooping; the act of jumping in front of an opponent then showering him with bullets as you descend. Usually a desperate last resort tactic used when surprised or sprung, but can be used as an offence on some occasions, for example during a seige - "para" can be used to surprise and deter enemy frontmen, allowing your team to advance. In this instance you are essentially a kamikaze and are sacrificing yourself for the good of your team. Best guns for "para" are p90, mac10, mp5 and of course the eponymous m249 para.
1: Dude, para sucks, you got me with a mac10.

(Player breaks seige on base by performing "para" with mac10, headshotting 2 players then dying. His team finishes off the assailants.)
Player: hell yeah, PARA!!
Player2: lol yeah nice para
Player3: fuk off noob
by MrKapper June 07, 2007
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An Australian colloquialism; to be in a state of confusion.
Often used in a threatening or otherwise negative context.
To not know whether one is Arthur or Martha

If that bloke goes anywhere near my girl, I'll bash him so hard he won't know if he's Arthur or Martha!
by MrKapper July 09, 2006
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A crude onomatopoeia used to indicate that one has an erection. Derived from comics wherein erection is associated with the text "Ping!".

More broadly, the term is used as an exclamation upon the sighting of a very attractive female, implying that the sighting has the potential to induce instant erection, or has already done so.

Sometimes used in online chat to substitute explanation in any of the cases above. I.e. the chatter will use "ping!" as a substitute for "I have an erection", or, "I agree, seeing Jessica Alba in a bikini makes me hard."
1: "I was sitting in class the other day and I saw up Lizzies skirt, and all of a sudden, PING!".

2: Tom - "Get a load of that girl in the bikini over there!"
George - "Ping!"

by MrKapper November 30, 2005
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