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Similar to the term, ok boomer, just fuck off is a term used when you're tired of fighting with strong words and educated reasoning against a person who is too arrogant/entitled to their opinion.

The difference between ok boomer and just fuck off is when using the term ok boomer, you are more referring to a person who thinks backwards and refuses to accept change in society (i.e; racism, the lgbtq community, global warming, etc.)

When using the term just fuck off, you would most likely be arguing with someone who may be; entitled to their opinion, acting with negative/abusive behaviour, spreading false information or causing negative scenes or "drama".

Saying "just fuck off" is used when the person receiving the negative effects of the behaviour finds no reason to continue in the argument due to the fact that the person refuses to listen or care about their explanations.
Person A: "I'm not using anxiety as an excuse, I'm saying that my motivation might be a bit distraught due to my current mental health."

Person B: "More excuses! You're just lying so you can get away with being lazy!"

A: "You know what? Just fuck off."
by yegdums May 7, 2020
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