Once a very good book by the lord god Michael Crichton, now a .. fairly good movie. Spun off many sequels that couldn't keep up with Michael's genuis writing style.
Jurassic Park was a better book than a movie. So was congo (somewhat), sphere, although The Great Train Robbery was a great movie-to-book transition. And I base it on nothing other than Crichton himself directed it.
by restin256 November 16, 2003
An area, location ex. School, mall, street, dist., church or mosque, or the White House, where the local population is full of dinosaurs
Please God, you didn't get me a date from Sudaki High School, its a Jurassic Park in there.
by druncmunki July 21, 2004
A term for a feature or product which was only implemented because it could be.

From the quote 'your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should'
Manager come to you and says implement this feature just because we can. - Jurassic Park
by dsn February 17, 2012
When a woman tells you specifically not to cum in her mouth during a blow job but you do so anyway (usually by forcing her head down). She then screams and spits the load back in your face just like that crazy dino does to Nedry in Jurassic Park
Lenny was blinded when Angi gave him a Jurassic Park last night
by hershdrums December 30, 2011
v: to 'jurassic park'. At peak of coitus, (from behind) the male forms a claw with his index and middle fingers, before running them along the female's back and then screaming "Jurassic Park" at climax.
"Did you see that chick at the bar last night?... Yeah, I Jurassic Parked her good!"
by Juan Antonio Cortez October 4, 2008
A painful and viscious sexual position that usually involves blood shed. And Bryan.
I'll show you Jurassic Park...and you won't like it!
by Lauren March 26, 2005
In refrence to the movie Jarassic Park on of the front two passengers of a car drops his pants and lets loose a diarrhea fart. This blinds the person from feces fragments and resembles the scene where Dennis Nedry (played by Wayne Knight) is attacked by a Dilophosaurus in his car while trying to steal Dinosaur DNA. Hence Jurassic Parking someone.
I am gonna Jurassic Park your ass!

Don't make me Jurassic Park you.

You Jurassic Parked him good.

Next time she complains like that you should Jurassic Park her.

I am going to be Jurassic Parking her tonight.
by pntbllw3 June 26, 2009