A female person who sees through this world easily, as if she was from a superior planet (Jupiter - as a first thought). Some, "advanced" Jupietrians can even get to the point to read people's thoughts. They are known to be getting on well with Martians, as both species have the same view on all brain functions among humans.
Jupitarian Composer/Harpsichordist Maja Mitrovic.
by anhsujam September 17, 2006
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Someone who obsesses over pot and nothing else. Will do anything to get it. They will ditch friends if they can smoke some pot. Often seen cruising around in spaceships. They also think girls like it, but this is not true. Jupitarians can be chill at sometimes, but not when they ditch.
That Jupitarian smokes weed everyday and cruise around in their spaceships.
by AlfredJed March 06, 2011
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